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Bethany IMPACT

International Ministries Providing Access for Community Transformation

Bethany Community Development Hub


The Bethany Community Development Hub believes that poverty is more than a lack of financial resources; it’s about broken relationships and a lack of hope. Combating poverty requires building healthy, relational communities through a holistic and multigenerational approach. Our conviction is that the ideal base for cultivating this kind of rich community is a neighborhood center that is resourced and leveraged as a Community Development Hub. 


As a Community Development Hub, we work  alongside Bethany Church, neighborhood residents, and community partners to identify the assets and needs of our community. We currently support schools, encourage stable families, develop leaders, launch business ventures, and organize community to break the cycle of poverty and build hope. 


  • Financial Literacy Programs

  • Health Clinics for children and elderly

  • Community Night

  • Urban Farming

  • College Readiness

  • Job Readiness and Internships

  • Seasonal Outdoor Programming for Students

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